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    Sabotage+Search And Destroy Laptop Glitch



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    Sabotage+Search And Destroy Laptop Glitch

    Post by Tester on Fri May 27, 2011 5:40 pm

    1st. your c4 will stay where the bomb was flying.
    2nd. when bomb carrier dies the c4 moves to the bomb carrier’s location where it can kill again.
    3rd. if the bomb carrier plants the bomb u can instantly detonate c4 and kill the person that planted. (This is why I prefer enemies to pick up c4)
    so to sumerize throw c4 on laptop for search or sabatoge when someone pics up laptop c4 will fly whenever the laptop is dropped or planted the c4 reapears on laptop and can be detonated to kill who panted.
    *Side note:check if the person to pick up bomb has flak jacket so you do not waste c4*
    *I do not have a way to record this glitch so if anyone else can I would greatly appreciate it*
    *to increase the chanses of killing throw the c4 on the laptop not in the laptop*

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