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    How to host a 50k XP Combat Training Lobby



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    How to host a 50k XP Combat Training Lobby

    Post by Tester on Fri May 27, 2011 5:38 pm

    1. Setup a private match.
    2. Load up a 50k Game mode with all your friends in it.
    3. switch to CT and start it.
    4. Get a kill.
    5. Press start, Then Y , go on your name then load the 50k from your file share.
    6. you should get a black screen
    7. Your friends should be kicked out.
    8. One of your friends goes into theater and switches to combat training and starts the game on the map you and the host was playing on.
    9. The other person who got kicked keeps switching between theater and combat training.
    10. The host invites whoever wants the XP. You have to try loads to make it stick, its really hard.

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