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    SSRgamer's Kino Der Toten 4 person Strategy V.1


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    SSRgamer's Kino Der Toten 4 person Strategy V.1

    Post by SSRgamer on Wed Jun 08, 2011 1:31 am

    I am not sure if I am explaning this as good as I can show you but I am going to try. When you start out in the lobby make sure each window is covered by one person. Do the best you can to knife only until round four. Start shooting in round four. After round four ends go through the upstairs area all the way to the MP40 room. Stay there until dogs come. (You can stay one maybe two rounds in the MP40 room after dogs come if you like.) After dogs come, go streight to the stage, (do not turn the power on), and stay their until everyone has enough for Juggernog or until you get overrun. After that turn the power on and get Juggernog. Link the teleporter and be sure to only use it when you need it. (if you find the box on your way use it).

    Now to get into detail. Each player has to have a certain assignment or job. Lets start with generilization.
    *Every player has to get the Ray Gun and monkey bombs. These are key in living
    Now for assignments.
    *The best person in the has to get the Thundergun, or the Balistic Boe combo.
    *The second best player gets which ever one the Best player doesn't get.
    *The third best player should get the crossbow.
    *The worst player can get any other gun they want. I recommend a full auto assult rifle. The light machine guns are really weak past round 12-15ish. You might also want to use an AK74u. It is very powerfull for a very long time.
    Make sure that you Pack-A-Punch all of the weapons you get and get the rest of the perks.
    If you can't get these weapons, (there is a good chance you have a lot of trouble getting everything) I recommend using assult rifles, most submachine guns, the spas12, or the Steakout.

    My friends and I usually make it to 28-32 using this. Good luck. Cool What a Face What a Face
    Zombie Slayer Mike

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    Re: SSRgamer's Kino Der Toten 4 person Strategy V.1

    Post by Zombie Slayer Mike on Wed Jun 08, 2011 5:29 pm

    Good Strategy, Smile

    When I play with 4 people, I usually have them run and I just run zombie rape trains on stage. (making a letter be witht the podium stand)

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