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    The Infection is here!

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    The Infection is here!

    Post by Zombie Slayer Mike on Tue May 24, 2011 11:37 am

    The Infection

    Welcome to The Infection. This site is devoted to Call of Duty: World at War's Zombies, and Call of Duty: Black Ops' Zombies. Since Treyarch started the zombies in World At War, gamers have been crazed and amazed. But do ALL players know the story line? Do you want to know? Do you really want to get involved? Sure you do. You're hungry for information, while we're hungry for

    Notice: Use of this forum may change online gaming experience. User and Viewer Discretion is advised.

    Warning: This forum consists of user-generated content, as well as content from copyrighted games.
    Please do not take credit for something that's not yours.

    Rules of this site:[/font]
    -No spamming. (sending, relaying, or transferring by other means in a way that will bump your post count up)
    -No flaming. No one likes a troll, please don't be one. If you are, you will be IP banned from the site.
    -Abusing, harassing, or taking advantage of members will also result in a permanent ban from the site. Can't we all just be chill?
    -No plaguerism. This is a serious crime, don't do it. Please site your sources. Then we'll all be dead happy campers!
    -Please do not post a topic in the wrong forums.
    -Take some leadership in posting. Don't reply with a comment like "cool", "funny stuff", " (: ", etc.
    -Don't backseat moderate. No one likes a tattle-tale. Razz Unless it's serious, and you have a concern that moderators should look into, don't bother. They moderate these forums daily.
    -Don't EVER give your password out. The Infection staff will never ask for your password. That's for you to know, and ONLY for YOU to know. We will not help you retrieve your account. Once it's gone, you make a new account.
    -Don't EVER, EVER, EVER give your credit credentials to anyone! This site does not demand you pay for anything. We do accept donations, in trade for some cool VIP-only benefits.
    -There is no such thing as a "hack" for free VIP on here. We do have the VIP Giveaway every month.

    The VIP system

    The VIP system is a very cool feature to have. You get access to a cool forum category, a colored name, a role change, and soon you will be able to disable advertisements on the site.

    Q. Is the VIP system free?
    A. No, the VIP system is not free. Although, the VIP Giveaway is a way to get VIP free. Even if you don't win, it's only $5.00, and then you're a permanent VIP. (results may vary depending on behavior)

    Q. Are VIPs the same as moderators?
    A. No, VIPs are not the same as Moderators or Admins.

    The Points System [/size]

    The Points system is a way to purchase things on this forum.
    The purchases vary in price, and can get you:
    -A Custom Rank
    -Name Change
    -Colored Name (One color, soon to be multicolored)
    -Special Picture Before Name
    -Forum category that YOU can moderate.
    And so on.

    To earn points, you must be active and helpful in the community. Negativity will get points deducted from your account.
    (Note: When you are role-changed to VIP, you recieve an automatic 1000 points)

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